About Sanjay Khare

Sanjay Khare is the epitome of a self-made man, starting his career as a teacher and educationalist then venturing into corporate world and establishing himself as an entrepreneur. He started working for manufacturing as well as service industry to have hands-on experience in business formation, preparation of business plan, arrangement of funds through various means like private equity investment, IPO, debt syndication, merger & acquisition and running of business through professional management. He learnt about practical aspects of finance, marketing, management, law, production, product design, business strategy, brand management, corporate governance and operational protocol etc.
He possess extraordinary interpersonal skills and presents a perfect blend of dignified professionalism and warm social interactive skills.
He built his expertise in running online market place, finance company, healthcare business along with his prior exposure to education industry.
He is a regular speaker in different forums in various subjects like, value enhancement, corporate governance, private equity, IPO, M&A and other business related various topics,as well as career counselling and personality development. He is a qualified lawyer having expertise in cyber & corporate laws and a fellow member of ICSI. He is advisor to many business houses in different industries like healthcare, education, finance, online marketplace.
He is very popular among students as he always encourage them and help them in achieving their goals. At the starting of his career as teacher he has proved that every individual has enormous potential as many of his students have secured hundred percent marks in competitive exams. He believe that limitations are in mind only and if a person can be motivated properly he can achieve any target. He visited many world class educational institutes including Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, London, Reading etc. to understand the level of curiosity among students from different parts of the world and teaching methodology in developed countries. He has a clear vision to develop human skills in different sectors at par with international standards as the world is flat and competition is now at global level.
Sanjay learnt the legal intricacies of business as well as the way to handle other situations of life from his father Sri R. K. Khare, who is a renowned lawyer having a plethora of knowledge in every sphere of life. He learnt practical aspects of life and emotional intelligence from his mother Mrs. Savitri Khare, who herself is a very strong and disciplined lady.