Subjects : Chemistry

Validity Period : 31-07-2022

Key Features

 Theory coverage strictly based on NCERT syllabus

• Point wise description with strong coverage of fundamentals

• Assignments for every chapter designed to strengthen basics

• Diagram-based questions included

• Detailed solutions with answer key

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Package Contains

This package covers all aspects of Organic Chemistry.


Organic Chemistry is a division of Chemistry that joins comprehensible strategy to oversee structure, properties, and applications of organic molecules and compounds that are; It Is a matter containing carbon in discrete forms. In like manner, it is a study of molecules comprising of carbon compounds with several numbers of other associated elements namely Hydrogen, Silicon, Sulphur, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Halogens, and Nitrogen.


Sunshine Education brings organics chemistry course for NEET, a course in view of NCERT syllabus and above and beyond to NCERT reading material with (I) hypothesis clarified in fresh focuses and (ii) questions hand-picked with exactness, keeping the level of the examination in thought. The substance of this course has been organized in a way that applicants can to it whenever during the arrangement year.